Bebegim ve ben

They recorded the fact, that the children of the towns ran baaing after any Cagot who had been compelled to come into the streets to make purchases, in allusion to this peculiarity of the shape of the ear, which bore some resemblance to the ears of the sheep as they are cut by the shepherds in this district. Dr. Guyon names the case of a beautiful Cagot girl, who sang most sweetly, and prayed to be allowed to sing canticles in the organ-loft. The organist, more musician than bigot, allowed her to come, but the indignant congregation, finding out whence proceeded that clear, fresh voice, rushed up to the organ-loft, and chased the girl out, bidding her remember her ears, and not commit the sacrilege of singing praises to God along with the pure race. But this medical report of Dr. Guyons-bringing facts and arguments to confirm his opinion, that there was no physical reason why the Cagots should not bebegim ve ben received on terms of social equality by the rest of the bebegim ve ben no more for his clients than the legal decrees promulgated two centuries before had done. The French proved the truth of the saying in Hudibras- And, indeed, the being convinced by Dr. Guyon that they ought to receive Cagots as fellow-creatures, only made bebegim ve ben more rabid in declaring that they would not.
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